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Our Purpose

At Alimentary, we know that taking a new product from the kitchen to the marketplace can be complicated when it comes to regulatory compliance.

Our purpose is to offer our food partners expert guidance on how to navigate local, state and federal requirements so that they can focus on making the best food possible for their consumers.

Lisa Thorsten

Lisa Thorsten

Founder & President

About Lisa

Lisa has more than 35 years’ experience in the packaged and fresh foods business as a food scientist, nutritionist, quality manager and regulatory affairs leader for small and large food makers.  She has developed many new products and commercialized them in both small co-manufacturing and Fortune 100 food manufacturing operations.   Her direct interaction with staff at both FDA and USDA has helped business and brand owners make informed decisions and navigate often complex requirements for bringing new foods to market.  She is certified by the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance as a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (“PCQI”).

Introducing Alimentary

Alimentary was born from Lisa's lifelong interest in making good food that is good for you.  Finding new ways to ensure that food is delicious, affordable and nutritious has been at the heart of her personal and professional life.   From the time she was a young woman she made and preserved her own recipes for condiments and salsas and  meat jerky, made chocolate and confections and grew her own herbs and food.  This mirrored her career when Lisa earned her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and entered the food industry as a food scientist making foods first for people on medically restricted diets and later for families and consumers of all kinds.  She applied everything she learned to the foods she worked on, always with an intention to make good, nutritious food something that everyone can enjoy.  After managing new product development for many years, Lisa earned her Master of Science in Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs from Temple University.  This resulted in a change of direction for her as she quickly learned to be part of the national public policy process how science is best applied to develop and apply regulations. 

As a long-time resident of Bucks and Montgomery counties in eastern Pennsylvania, she has seen the growth of many exciting new food businesses in the region and has met many of the new, local business owners who are making a difference in what we eat.  She founded Alimentary to help these and others navigate today's regulatory environment for themselves and their businesses.

Next Steps...

If you are interested in working with us, please call or email info@alimentaryus.com.  Eat well!