Blog #1 It’s Alimentary!

Welcome to Alimentary.  My place to work with foodies like me and put my years of food regulation experience to work. The food business is changing in so many ways: new worries, new benefits and new regulations!  Alimentary is about making compliance simple.

Two really significant changes to the regulation of food landed in the past few years -- firstly, the enactment of the Food Safety Modernization Act (fondly known as FSMA) which updated food safety requirements for all food manufacturers, and secondly, the amendment of the Nutrition Labeling & Education Act (NLEA) which changed the way serving sizes and Nutrition Facts information are calculated and labeled. And we can't forget to mention the banning of partially hydrogenated oils and the mandatory labeling of bioengineered foods. With all of this on their plate, smaller food manufacturers have more to manage than just making great food.

Enter Alimentary -- an idea I had been incubating for a long time, which could combine my passion for fresh, local food made by people close to where I live and work combined with my experience in regulating, developing and commercializing new foods.
In this blog, I plan to share ideas, interesting facts and research and other pertinent information affecting food and nutrition. You can count on me to check facts and present a fair and balanced view where food and health is concerned.

I hope you will check back again to read more. Until then, eat well!

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